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Driving Under the Influence is a Serious Offense in Bucks County.

The laws of Pennsylvania have become extremely strict and the penalties severe. However it does not have to be devastating. Whether found to be intoxicated by alcohol or any controlled substance, those results can be challenged. Don’t plead guilty until you have talked with The Law Office of Sharif N. Abaza, your DUI defense attorney in Bucks County. With the proper drunk driving defense in Bucks County, you may be able to keep your record clean.

Experienced DUI Defense Attorney

Evidence presented by law enforcement officials is not absolute and it is not exempt from analysis or scrutiny. As a DUI arrest lawyer in Doylestown, Sharif Abaza will be your DUI attorney in Bucks County for a DUI arrest in Bucks County and will review the evidence and police reports associated with your arrest to be certain that your rights were observed an upheld throughout the sequence of events that ultimately led to your apprehension and incarceration.

Aggressive Bucks County DUI Defense Attorney

As an experienced drunk driving DUI defense attorney in Bucks County who has both prosecuted and defended these types of cases, Mr. Abaza may be able to get your DUI charges dropped or reduced to a lesser charge such as reckless driving. He will investigate the details leading up to and following your DUI arrest and ensure that the Commonwealth is made to meet its burden of proof.

Strategic Drunk Driving Defense

There are numerous reasons to contest a DUI. Arrest reports need to be consistent and the performance of law enforcement officials need to be within the law. Some details that will factor into your defense include:

  • Demonstrable Probable Cause
    Did the police have a sufficiently clear indication to suspect that you were or may have been in violation of the motor vehicle code and had probable cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Proper Performance of Field Testing
    Did the police make any inquiries pertaining to any existing physical defects, infirmities or handicaps that might affect your ability to successfully perform the preliminary field testing (i.e., being asked to follow a pen with just your eyes, walking in a straight line, standing on a single leg, etc.)? Are the tests themselves admissible?
  • Proper Administration of Breathalyzer or Blood Testing
    Did the police administer your Breathalyzer or blood testing in a timely fashion to ensure that its results would yield a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) that was closer to the actual BAC in your system at the time you were actually driving? Was the Intoximeter properly and routinely calibrated as required by law? Was the blood testing facility an approved testing facility?

Things to Know if You Are Stopped for DUI
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